With all votes accounted for, the official results for Seat No. 4 are as follows:

Clermont City Council Seat 4
Max Krzyminski – 1,102
Chandra L Myers – 1,160
Mairead Caitrin Taylor - 237

Because one candidate did not receive a majority of the votes for Seat No. 4, the two candidates for whom the highest number of votes were cast will appear on the Municipal General Election ballot on November 7, 2023: Max Krzyminski and Chandra L Myers.

The official results were certified by D. Alan Hayes, Supervisor of Elections for Lake County, Florida, on August 25, 2023. 

Please click here to read the 2023 Election Proclamation in English.

Please click here to read the 2023 Election Proclamation in Spanish.

Please click here for the Official Election Certification from the Supervisor of Elections.


Currently, the City Charter provides council members serve two-year terms with a maximum of four consecutive terms. A yes vote for this amendment, effective with the elections in November of 2024 and 2026, approves increasing council terms to four years, with council members elected in November 2025 serving a one-year term, and reduces term limits to three consecutive terms. A no vote rejects the amendment.



Actualmente, la Constitución de la Ciudad provee que los miembros del consejo sirvan un periodo de dos años con un límite de cuatro términos consecutivos.  Un voto si para esta enmienda, que tendrá una fecha de vigencia en las elecciones de noviembre de 2024 y 2026 aprobara incrementar el termino de servicio de un miembro del consejo a cuatro años, comenzando con los miembros elegidos en al 2025 con un periodo de servicio de un año y reduce el límite de periodos a tres periodos consecutivos.  Un voto no rechazará dicha enmienda

Canvassing Board Members

  • Tracy A. Howe, Chair
  • Supervisor of Elections, Alan Hays 
  • Timothy Bates
  • Don Price, Alternate 

The Bilingual Canvassing Board Schedule(PDF) is available here.

City of Clermont Precincts

Precinct NumberNameAddressSample Ballot
Precinct 155Clermont City Center620 W Montrose Street, ClermontSample Ballot for Precinct 155
Precinct 170First Baptist Church Clermont2751 Hartwood Marsh Road, ClermontSample Ballot for Precinct 170
Precinct 215Clermont Baptist Church16115 Old Highway 50, ClermontSample Ballot for Precinct 215
Precinct 220Summit Greens-Clubhouse1190 Summit Greens Boulevard, ClermontSample Ballot for Precinct 220
Precinct 225Cooper Memorial Library, LSSC2525 Oakley Seaver Drive, ClermontSample Ballot for Precinct 225
Precinct 230Clermont Arts & Recreation Center3700 S U.S. Highway 27, ClermontSample Ballot for Precinct 230
Precinct 235Clermont Arts & Recreation Center3700 S U.S. Highway 27, ClermontSample Ballot for Precinct 235
Precinct 240Kings Ridge Clubhouse1900 Kings Ridge Boulevard, ClermontSample Ballot for Precinct 240
Precinct 245Heritage Hills-Clubhouse3195 Heritage Hills Boulevard, ClermontSample Ballot for Precinct 245
Precinct 250Legends Community Clubhouse1690 Legendary Boulevard, ClermontSample Ballot for Precinct 250

Please note:

Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository Form DS-DE9 must be filed first with the City Clerk before opening a campaign account and accepting contributions and/or expending funds tied to a campaign account for public office. Once the campaign account is open, the petition is provided to the candidate to collect signatures.

Residency Requirement: A candidate shall be a qualified elector of the City for a minimum of eighteen (18) months prior to the date of qualification as a candidate.

Register to Vote

Registration cards are available in the City Clerk's office at City Hall and the Supervisor of Elections office in Tavares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Qualifying Officer?

Your Qualifying Officer is City Clerk Tracy Ackroyd Howe, MMC. email her or call 352-241-7330

When do I file my Qualifying Papers?

The qualifying period for the 2023 Election is now closed. Qualifying for the 2024 Election will be in June 2024.

What forms do I file?

  • Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository (Form DS-DE9)
  • Statement of Candidate (Form DS-DE84) - Stating that you have received, read, and understand the requirements of Chapter 106, Florida Statutes
  • Loyalty Oath for Candidates for Public Office/Oath of Candidate (DS-DE 24B)
  • Petition - The Petition must contain signatures of at least 25 registered voters in the City of Clermont and must be filed in a sufficient amount of time to allow the Petition to be certified by the Supervisor of Elections Office prior to the end of the Qualifying Period.
  • Financial Disclosure Form (CE Form 1) (F.S. 99.061 (4) and 112.3145

What fees are paid at the time of qualifying?

A Campaign Account Check is made payable to the City of Clermont for a State Election Assessment fee of 1% of the annual salary of the position. (F.S. 99.093)

Where do I file my Qualifying Papers?

City Clerk's Office
Clermont City Hall
685 W Montrose Street, 2nd Floor
Clermont, FL 34711

What are the Council Term Limits?

Clermont City Council Members and the Mayor are limited to four consecutive two-year terms. The voters approved this charter amendment in November 2019 to become effective in 2020.