Control Programs

Cross Connection Control Program

The purpose of the Cross Connection Control Program is to provide for the maintenance and operation of a continuing program which will systematically and effectively prevent the contamination or pollution of the City of Clermont's water distribution system due to cross connections, as required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The goals of this program

  • Protect the public potable (drinking) water supply from the possibility of contamination or pollution by isolating actual and/or potential cross-connections in the water distribution system that could create backflow into the public potable water supply.
  • Promote the elimination and control of cross-connections (actual or potential) between the potable water system(s), and any other system(s) or plumbing fixture(s).

State of Florida policy

As of January of 2016, the State of Florida now requires that all separate potable irrigation meters, not on reuse, are required to test their backflow device that was installed when the irrigation system was installed. They gave the water utility the option of requiring testing once a year or once every two years. The City of Clermont opted for the once every two years so that it would not be a costly item to homeowners. Letters will be sent out one month before tests are due, based on previous passing tests reports.  If you would like more information you can read the City of Clermont Cross Connection Manual


A list of testers is available.  These testers are not employed by the City of Clermont, nor does the City assume responsibility for or recommend any particular tester.  This list is provided as a courtesy.  You are not required to use one of these testers, but the tester does need to be a certified backflow tester. 

If you know when your backflow is due to be tested, you do not need to wait to receive the letter from the City.  A blank Backflow Test report is available so you do not need to wait for our letter and test report to arrive in the mail. 

You can submit completed test reports to City of Clermont Backflows


The purpose of the Fats, Oils and Grease Control Program is to prevent damage to the City's wastewater collection system. Excessive grease and oil in the collection system can lead to sewer backups, overflows, spills, and/or non-compliance of the wastewater treatment plant.

In order to prevent these problems, the City requires all food service establishments to install a grease trap that is a minimum 750 gallons. The purpose of a grease trap is to allow the grease and oil to separate from the water and the clear water to pass on to the wastewater collection system. The grease traps need to be pumped periodically to remove the grease and oil that has accumulated in the trap. The collected grease and oil is then disposed of at a permitted treatment facility. Following each pump-out, the owner must fill out a Grease Trap Manifest Form (PDF).

Also, as part of the Grease and Oil Control Program the City performs inspections of new and existing grease traps. New grease traps are inspected during construction prior to the restaurant opening for operation. Existing grease traps are inspected periodically to determine compliance and frequency of pumping.

Fore more information you can read the City of Clermont's Grease Trap Manual (PDF)

You can submit completed grease trap manifest forms to City's of Clermont Grease Trap