Fire Department

Mission Statement

Clermont FD Logo 2023Clermont Fire Department exists to protect life and property by providing a highly trained all-hazards response to our community through our commitment to compassionate and professional service.


Integrity through honesty, respect, and ethics.
Professionalism through dependability, teamwork, education, and training.
Leadership through innovation, discipline, and mentorship.

The mission and values are the foundation of this organization. Every effort will be made to keep these current and meaningful to guide members in successfully accomplishing department goals and objectives during critical incidents as well as in day-to-day tasks.


Our vision is to stand out as an internationally accredited department known for providing fire and rescue services with integrity, professionalism and leadership while always striving for continuous improvement. 

As a forward-thinking department, we will assemble and apply superb external communications and safeguard physical resources for responsible financial sustainability that delivers contemporary, transparent, and beneficial value to our growing community. 

In pursuit of a balanced culture, while supporting honesty, respect, and ethics, we will improve our internal communication processes in preparation for the challenges that come through the prism of the future. 

Recognizing our members as our greatest resource, we will make every effort to acquire, develop, mentor, and prepare our team to meet and exceed the expectations of our community. 

Our concept is to achieve this through appropriate and comprehensive human capital management, training, and professional development programs. We envision a department that recruits, welcomes and retains innovative members with expertise and strong values of dependability, teamwork, education and training. 

We will be a pioneering department responsible for building a collaborative environment of excellence and service through individual and organizational accountability and mentorship while delivering our mission, living our values, and making this vision of living in a community that is the choice of champions a reality.