Public Fire Education

Kids and Fire Department in Front of Fire TruckOur Public Fire Education program plans and facilitates involvement in a variety of local events including weekend festivals (like Pig on the Pond, First Friday and Light Up Clermont), school classroom presentations, station tours (for children, groups of all ages) and appearances at birthday parties and other celebrations. and some other stuff.

There are pamphlets, handouts and flyers as well as displays, videos, CD-ROMs and other materials available to the public and are appropriate for any age group. Our personnel will be available to answer any questions you have. Additionally we provide fire extinguisher demonstrations, instructions and training, a smoke detector donation program for financially challenged families and smoke house training (for children).

To make a request for materials or to schedule an event, please contact us at 352-241-2162, or email Hayley Wheeler.

Many businesses are required to have their employees instructed or trained in the use of fire extinguishers. Instruction involves an individual learning the types of fires and what types of fire extinguisher is appropriate for use on each type of fire, as well as learning how to use a fire extinguisher. Training involves instruction as well as hands-on practical exercises in the use of fire extinguishers (actually using a fire extinguisher to extinguish a controlled fire).

Access an online fire extinguisher class that provides instruction on fire extinguishers, complete with a quiz upon completion. It also provides the ability to print a certificate of instruction upon successful completion of the quiz. This is a valuable resource for instruction in the use of fire extinguishers in the home as well.

CPR Classes

Clermont Fire Department provides CPR Programs. Each individual will receive a Certificate of Completion for the CPR program or upon registration and successful completion of a written exam, a two year certification. For additional information, contact us at 352-394-7662 or email Sean Sacco.

Go to the Citizen CPR Foundation website. It is an online resource for learning CPR as well as providing access to other valuable information. The mission of the Foundation is "to strengthen the Chain of Survival."

Babysitting / Caregiving

It is important and beneficial to the treatment given to a patient by our emergency medical personnel that certain personal information is available and provided to them when they respond to a call for a medical emergency or injury. We have found that many times when an emergency occurs at a time when children are under the care of a babysitter or other caregiver this information is not readily available and/or there is a delay in contacting a parent. A delay in contacting a parent may also delay authorization by a parent to administer some non-emergent care. We have developed the following forms to assist in having this information available as well as to authorize treatment for a child when under the care of a babysitter or other caregiver.

Babysitting Documents

Smoke Detectors

  • Most smoke detectors remain dependable for up to 10 years, if the batteries are replaced every six months. To determine if a detector is working, press the “test” button and wait to hear the alarm.  If no alarm sounds, try replacing the battery and retest. If you still do not hear an alarm, you will likely need to replace the detector.
  • Lithium-powered smoke detectors are also available.  These do not need battery replacement.  Instead, write the purchase date on the detector and plan to replace it in 10 years.