Special Operations

Clermont Fire Department Special OperationsClermont Fire Department's Special Operations Unit has personnel with training, skills, and experience as well as equipment, to handle various types of incidents, including vehicle extrication, hazardous materials response, confined space rescue, technical rope rescue, trench rescue, structural building collapse, underwater search and recovery, and other specialized rescue incidents.
Clermont responds as an initial response hazardous materials team with basic life-saving and leak-stopping equipment, including Level "A" protective suits. Additional assistance with manpower and advanced equipment is provided by Lake County Fire/Rescue' s Haz-Mat team as well as haz-mat teams from Orlando Fire Department, Orange County Fire/Rescue Division and Seminole County EMS/Fire/Rescue Department.

Rescue Equipment

Clermont Fire Department is equipped with full confined space rescue equipment for response to confined space emergencies at city facilities as well as industrial and commercial sites throughout the city. A confined space is defined as a space that is large enough for entry and occupancy by a human, Special Operations Drill on Fire Towerhas limited entry and exit, and is not intended for human occupancy. A "permit required confined space is a confined space that contains a hazard, such as a hazardous atmosphere (oxygen deficient, flammable gases, gases that are a health hazard), engulfment hazard, a dangerous internal configuration, or any other serious safety hazard.

A compliment of technical rope rescue equipment provides the capability of performing rescues from both high angle and low angle emergencies. Much of this same equipment is also utilized for confined space rescue. Many emergency and non-emergency incidents involving high angle and low angle work from rooftops, multi-story buildings, elevator shafts, above grade and below grade can be dealt with.

Heavy Rescue TruckUrban Search and Rescue (USAR) Type IV Technical Rescue Team

The Central Florida Regional Domestic Security Task Force has designated Clermont Fire Department as an Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Type IV Technical Rescue Team. This designation has resulted in the City of Clermont and Clermont Fire Department receiving Office of Domestic Preparedness funding for equipment and training. This funding will result in Clermont Fire Department being further equipped and trained to handle incidents involving confined space rescue, trench rescue, structural building collapse, vehicle machinery rescue and technical rope rescue.