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Online Incident Reporting

Online Incident Reporting allows citizens to report various claims to Clermont Police Department. Emergency situations should be reported by dialing 911 immediately.

See What Clermont PD has to Offer You

See what we have to offer and then head over to our recruitment services. provides information regarding incidents reported to the Clermont Police Department.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Sex Offender Search

A searchable database of registered sexual offenders and predators is maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.


Smart911 is a free service used by public safety agencies across the country to enhance communication and response for their community. It can be used by 911 agencies to quickly send first responders to the location of an emergency with more information, by emergency management to better plan for and respond to disasters, and by municipalities to send emergency notifications to their citizens.

Emergency Contact Information

The Emergency Contact Information service will allow you to provide contact information to law enforcement in the event of an emergency. This information may save crucial time if ever it becomes necessary to contact family members, or other loved ones. This service is only available to individuals holding a current Florida Driver License or Florida Identification Card.

Lake County Sheriff's Office

The Lake County Sheriff's Office is responsible for court security, operates the Lake County Jail, and provides full police services to residents of the unincorporated areas of Lake County.

Homeland Security - Human Trafficking

Go to the Blue Campaign website and learn what is human trafficking, how to recognize it and protect yourself and your family.

2022 Clermont Police Department Annual Report

The Clermont PD Annual report is available here: