Operations Bureau

Traffic Division

Specially trained officers make up the Traffic Division with a refined focus on enhancing the safety of the roads and streets in the City of Clermont. These officers enforce traffic laws, investigate crashes, conduct traffic studies, and support DUI checkpoints and special saturation patrols.

Community Services Division

The Community Services Division’s goal is to establish partnerships and maintain working relationships between members of the community and law enforcement. These groups work together to develop strategies to identify local challenges and suspicious/criminal trends. Officers regularly schedule and host multi-faceted, community events to foster engagement and outreach aimed at reducing crime to increase the quality of life for the Clermont community.

School Resource Division

This division was created in response to new requirements enacted by the 2018 Florida Legislature to address the growing need for increased safety and emergency preparedness in Florida schools. These officers are assigned to local schools and work hand-in-hand with school staff to educate faculty and students on emergency response procedures while providing daily safety and security needs on campus.

K-9 Division

The K-9 Division includes canine officers who along with their handlers are often called to support officers throughout the agency in performing specific duties. Those often include detecting narcotics, performing building searches, tracking missing people or possible suspects, and assisting with crowd control.