What is the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Rating?

The City of Clermont is an ISO Public Protection Class 1. The Public Protection Classification number is derived from a relative scale of 1 to 10, with 10 representing no recognized fire protection and 1 representing the best possible fire protection. ISO stands for Insurance Services Office. This organization uses a "Fire Suppression Rating Schedule" to review and evaluate the available public fire suppression capabilities in order to develop a "Public Protection Classification" for fire insurance rating purposes. The schedule is a fire insurance rating tool, and is not intended to analyze all aspects of a comprehensive public fire protection program. This classification is one of the factors utilized to determine fire insurance rates for individual properties. The schedule measures major elements of a city's fire suppression system. These elements include Fire Department (50%), Water Supply (40%), and Fire Communications (receiving and handling fire calls - 10%).

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1. What is the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Rating?
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