What is a Knox Box?

"Knox Box" is a brand name for a small, heavy-duty safe-like box that is bolted through the exterior wall of a commercial building in the area of the main entrance to the building. "FailSafe" is another manufacturer of similar equipment. Keys for access to all doors in the building as well as any fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and mechanical system controls are contained in the box for use by fire personnel when responding to an emergency at the building. The box is connected to the building's burglar alarm system to monitor when the building's keys have been accessed or if the box has been tampered with. The Fire Department has a single, high-security master key that will open every rapid entry system lock box in the city. Fire departments across the country use this system to prevent costly forced entry damage and to rapidly gain entry to buildings in response to an emergency. 

The City of Clermont requires the developer of all new commercial buildings in the city to install either a Knox or FailSafe rapid entry system key access box. Owners of existing buildings in the city that have a fire sprinkler and/or fire alarm system are also being required to install a rapid entry system lock box.

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